Busy Busy

Vegetable stand in a squatter community We took a walk this morning through Garden settlement which is a squatter camp near the center of Lusaka. When Zambia, formerly known as Northern Rhodesia, gained its independence from Great Britain, many colonial landowners left the country. Thinking there would be jobs in the cities, many Zambians moved to Lusaka and began squatting on land owned by the former colonists. And t oday these squatter camps are home to millions of Zambians. With very few paved roads, no sanitation services, no trash collection, and no zoning laws, these areas are crowded and dirty but bustling with life. People eke out livings by opening small shops, reselling food items, offering services such as "tyre repairs," small grocery stores, clothing shops, etc. Right next to the local clinic/hospital, we saw the local funeral shop. We stopped in at a pharmacy that was no bigger than 20 ft by 20 ft where the pharmacist had various antibiotics and antimalaria

Another Day Another Blessing

Day 5 in Zambia. Sunday. Zambia's population is about 10% Muslim and 90% a wide variety of Christian sects. To appreciate a bit of the local culture one of our hosts took us to church at a local branch of Dynamic Worship Church International in a squatter settlement called Garden. And dynamic was certainly the word for this Pentecostal service! Vocalists, a backup choir, a fiery preacher, a slide show with the various verses of scripture posted for the congregation to see , an equally fiery translator who repeated every sentence of the sermon into the local Bemba language, stirring music, and a sermon that stirred much discussion among the members of our group. We were asked, as visitors, to stand up and introduce ourselves and talk about our mission to Zambia. After the 2 hour service, we met with the bishop who gave the sermon and were asked if our organization could help support their local school and orphanage too. So much help is needed here. After lunch, we visited the loc

A Poem For Our Time

As we sit here in Zambia separated by an ocean and a continent from our home, separated by race, separated by customs, separated by the foods we eat, separated by comforts we are used to, separated by the climates we are used to, we see that we are all people who want happiness, who want the best for our children, who want to be treated fairly and with respect from others, and who all want good health. We see that children universally are curious, smile readily, are willing to accept those who look different, and who can find wonderful ways to amuse themselves. I hope we can celebrate our diversities and accept others for who they are. Posted by Richard Moriarty

Last Two Days

Leaving Boston on June 28 for the annual CWB trip to Lusaka, Zambia. Overnight in Dubai seeing the 163 story Burj Khalifa apartment tower and the Burj al Arab Jumeirah lit up at night. Then arriving in Lusaka on 6/30 to be met by our wonderful hosts. Our group: Dick Bail, Robin Kutner, Betty Stone, Lynn Perry, Rick Moriarty, Nazaneen Shokri, Toni Tasker, and Meg Jackson We are in Lusaka, Zambia!

We've arrived!

We've arrived!  Exhausting long hours of flying, but the service was very nice on Emirates. Now we are confortably ensconced at the Kalyangile Guest House.  Great meal and comfortable accomodations.  Weather is just beautiful.  Tomorrow we will have a planning session for Days for Girls at Living Hope and an actual teaching session at Sekelela in the afternoon.

Day of Service

Members of First Parish participated in a Day of Service Over 100 gift bags were put together for CWB to bring with them  and hand out to those students we support who passed their 7th, 9th, or 12th grade exams. Many thanks for your hard work!

Packing Day and Potluck Luncheon

Toni Tasker, a member of First Parish, helping to organize the supplies to pack in the suitcases What a successful, exhausting day! Communities Without Borders is so lucky to have such a dedicated group of individuals traveling to Zambia this summer. The group worked together to pack 14 suitcases. We truly appreciate all those who collected and donated items. They will be so appreciated this summer. We had a surplus of supplies and will be saving some of them for next year. Many thanks for all the contributions! The following were some of the supplies that got packed: Bedsheets School Supplies Toothbrushes and toothpaste Books Days for Girls Kits